Things to Do & See

The following list is just a few examples of things to do and see in the area.

  1. Visit the ghost town of Richmond
  2. Visit the ghost town of Shaniko
  3. Dig for fossils in Fossil, Oregon
  4. Visit the Thomas Condon Center, Sheep Rock Unit
  5. Visit the Painted Hills National Monument near Mitchell, Oregon
  6. Visit the Clarno Palisades
  7. Go on a Paleolands adventure
  8. Go to Blue Basin
  9. Visit the Cant Ranch Unit
  10. Learn about Rashneeshpuram establishment near Antelope, Oregon
  11. Go for drives (to Winlock drive, Twickenham, Alder Creek)
  12. Visit Paleolands Adventure Center
  13. Taste artesian water at Julia Henderson Park
  14. Go on a picnic to Bear Hollow Park
  15. Look for the Stick Indians
  16. Swim in the John Day River
  17. Raft the John Day River
  18. Visit Bull Prairie Lake
  19. Go for a picnic on the river
  20. Go for a hike on Sutton Mountain
  21. Wave at cars
  22. Search for other painted hills
  23. Visit the Kimberly orchards
  24. Support the local economy!  Go shopping.
  25. Go horseback riding at Corncobb Ranch
  26. Go on a bike ride
  27. Look for wildlife
  28. Go snipe hunting
  29. Stargazing
  30. Learn about sustainable ranching practices
  31. Look for wild big horn sheep
  32. Discover the haunted areas
  33. Go on a big foot hunt
  34. Photograph old school buildings
  35. Look for the Mitchell Bumps
  36. Visit pioneer cemeteries
  37. Discover why they call Wheeler County “frontier” versus rural
  38. Look for pictographs
  39. Go to Cathedral Rock
  40. Drive through Picture Gorge
  41. Find the Indian Head Rock
  42. Hunt for Bullfrogs on the river
  43. Look for lizards
  44. Look for crawdads in the river
  45. Read a book down by the river
  46. Pick berries
  47. Bird watching
  48. Look for Rocky Mountain Goats
  49. Attend a local event
  50. Go golfing at Kinzua
  51. Look for old gold mines
  52. Visit the Fossil museum
  53. Visit the Spray museum
  54. Meet Henry the bear in Mitchell
  55. Taste local fresh made preserves, jams and jellies in Kimberly
  56. Play horseshoes
  57. Learn about the local history of each of the towns
  58. Read about local events and politics in the local newspapers
  59. Go on a customized guided trip to explore the area
  60. Find Bologna Creek
  61. Learn about the Native American cultures that once inhabited the area
  62. See a movie at the historic Condon movie theater
  63. Take pictures of the painted hills
  64. Journal
  65. Play croquet
  66. Find out who Thomas Condon was
  67. Discover who John Day was
  68. Find out how Wheeler County got its name
  69. Discover Burnt Ranch and its history
  70. Find Murder Creek
  71. Find Widow Creek
  72. Visit with the locals
  73. Take pictures of wildflowers
  74. Visit the wind farms
  75. Play card games
  76. Follow the “Journey Through Time” scenic byway
  77. See handmade quilts at the Fossil Mercantile
  78. Hunt for thunder eggs
  79. Learn about the timber legacy
  80. Hunt for beetles
  81. Meet the Big Foot in Spray
  82. Get your picture taken next to the “Beer Can Wall”
  83. Find the tennis shoe tree
  84. Find clues to the Monument murder involving doctor
  85. Visit the Kam Wah Chung Museum in John Day, Oregon
  86. Visit the Grant Historical Museum in John Day, Oregon.
  87. Hunt for snakes
  88. View bears and cougars
  89. Visit the historic Condon Hotel in Condon, Oregon
  90. Count shot up road signs
  91. Go rock climbing
  92. Go on a canoe trip
  93. Help build Jerry’s Rock Wall
  94. Take a picture next to the big wooden chair in Mitchell, Oregon
  95. Listen to crickets and frogs
  96. Find waterfalls in spring and fall after storms
  97. Look for mouflong sheep (super sized horn sheep) outside of Spray, Oregon
  98. Avoid wild turkeys
  99. Count running birds (pheasants, quail and chuckers)
  100. Watch out for wild boars
  101. See if you can survive one day without cell phones, TV, pagers and computers.
  102. Look for the Mitchell bumps.

What did you find to do?