SwimmingSwimming is a very popular activity on the John Day River in the summertime.  Water temperatures can warm up to ideal temperatures making it a perfect choice to beat the summertime heat.

Service Creek is located next to two popular swimming holes that are both within walking distance.  When swimming in the river care and caution should be taken, as there are undertows and currents that may pose threats to swimmers.  Be sure to use the following best practices when swimming in any river:

  1. Don’t swim alone.  Be sure to let others know where you are at and when you plan to be back.
  2. Use life jackets.
  3. Wear water shoes to protect your feet when wading in the river and walking on the river bank.
  4. Wear sunscreen to protect yourself against sunburns.
  5. Be aware that medical services are very limited here. If advanced medical care is needed, Air-Life helicopter services will be required.  Many insurance companies do not cover this type of event.  Check with your health insurance provider prior to your visit to verify emergency medical provisions in the event of an Air-Life emergency.

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